About Us

Welcome to 1minutenewz.in the daily go to website for Bengali reader’s favourite entertainment updates! Here at 1minutenewz we are focused to Bengali entertainments like : Television Serials, Tollywood Movies, Tollywood Gossips, Bengali Actor & Actress Updates upcoming Serials and Movies etc.

1minutenewz’s Journey

1minutenewz was started on 21st of 2022 with sole purpose to keep bengali readers up to date with all the things happening in TV Industry to Tollywood. Also we all know Bengali People’s love eating good quality foods. So, we also have some great cooks who share there recipes to make some delicious food. 

1minutenewz’s Achievement

We are proud to say that with in just 1.5 Years our readers have showered love to us. Starting from nothing we achieved 2.5Million pageviews which is great success and just the beginning. In upcoming future we are prepared to became the only go to place for Bengali Entertainment Lovers.

How we work

At 1minutenewz, we believe Bengali readers have deep connection with Entertainment. There are lots of serials, reality shows happening in TV. Which people love to watch and talk about on social media. We also love this Bengali entertainment emotion.

We are a passionate group of journalists and engineers who are trying to deliver entertainment news to Bengali readers dedicatedly and accurately. Our writers go over every possible details and checks multiple sources to find the right news. Then our editors fact check the article verifying everything before publishing. We find contents through Social Media, Interviews, Behind the Camera Scenes that really makes our readers happy.

We thank every readers for choosing us and supporting us! Keep following us to discover more amazing contents in your favourite Bengali Language. Also if you want to contact us please refer to Contact Us page.